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Your sales and marketing information is creatively woven into an audience interactive presentation that adds

As a Las Vegas trade show magician, as well as Orlando, Chicago, and Phoenix, and every other destination in the US and throughout the world, Bob is one of the leading trade show magicianswho knows how important it is to get attendees to hear your message and then be motivated to find out more about what you have to offer.

That's why so many companies have used Bob as their trade show presenter year after year and why he has bookings two years in advance. As client IBM wrote about Bob, "He provides a service that works."

Trade show magician and trade show mentalist Bob Garner works with a variety of clients in numerous industries from high-tech to medical, from gas and oil to paint and automotive, from food and restaurants to banking and insurance - and more.

But Bob is more than just a magician for a trade show booth. He works with you to create a presentation that gets attendees out of the aisles and qualified attendees into your booth to talk with your reps or see a demo.

That is the kind of ROI you need to take back to the office.

What Makes Trade Show Magician Bob Garner a Valuable Addition to your Booth?

Trade show magician Bob Garner customizes his presentations to highlight your sales and marketing message.

Scripted: His presentations are scripted in advance and sent to you for approval.

Entertainment: Corporate entertainer Bob Garner understands how to blend your message with corporate entertainment. He cleverly underscores your information with sophisticated, yet fun demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, as well as a healthy does of clean  humor and audience interaction. Don't misunderstand the use of the word magician for a trade show with what Bob delivers. No goofy outfits, tricks or other nonsense. What Bob provides is professional, sophisticated entertainment that all levels of attendees enjoy.

Qualified: Bob's pre-qualifying process will actually separate the qualified attendees from the unqualified attendees and get the pre-qualified attendees to step into the booth for more information, demos or conversations with your reps.

RESULT: You receive a highly interactive and fun presentation that delivers your key information to attendees,
as well as a tried and true pre-qualifying process that gets attendees into your booth and
provides you with a quantifiable ROI to take back to the office.

All of this goes far beyond what you will receive from a typical trade show presenter. And, quite frankly, from most entertainers who say they are trade show magicians or trade show mind readers.

Regardless of the size of your exhibit, from an 8 x 10 to a 100 x 100 and beyond, Bob Garner is one of the best trade show magicianwho will draw crowds and deliver energy, excitement and power to your booth. Need more proof? Just watch the short client testimonials...

Multi-Year Client Confirms Bob Delivers Great Leads

Client Confirms Bob Drives Traffic & Huge Buzz

Multi-Year Client Confirms Bob is Best!


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